What are the differences between spray painting and plastic spraying?

What are the differences between spray painting and plastic spraying?

Plastic spraying is a surface treatment process, also called powder coating process, such as electroplating, electrophoresis, etc. are similar surface treatment technologies! Usually used in home appliances, furniture, building materials and other fields! Spray painting is a working method and does not define the range of raw materials. Coexisting with it are brushing, rolling, plastering, scraping and other methods! Plastic spraying refers to a surface treatment method in which plastic powder is sprayed on objects. Plastic spraying is what we often call electrostatic powder spraying. It uses an electrostatic generator to charge plastic powder.
Spray painting and plastic spraying are the main methods of industrial surface decoration today. Plastic spraying was invented in 1982 for the sake of environmental protection. After 20 years of development, no more than 5% of companies now use plastic spraying. Mainly due to the difference between spray painting and plastic spraying:

● Spray painting is better than spray plastic for leveling.

The molecular structure of solvents, additives, and resins used in spray painting all play a great role in leveling. Plastic spraying does not, so it often produces an orange pattern effect.

● Can be repaired by spray painting.

During the painting process, pitting or scratches caused by excessive air film can be repaired at any time because the paint has a recoat function. But plastic spraying does not work.

● The flexibility (bending) of spray paint is better than that of spray paint.

Spray paint can be bent 1mm and even T-bend, but plastic spray cannot. What is the difference between spray plastic and spray paint?

● Spray paint is quite decorative.

The appearance colors of spray paint are dozens of times more than that of spray plastic, and the same material can be made into different effects. For example, non-metallic materials such as plastic, wood, paper, cloth, and leather can be made into aluminum effects.

● The hardness of spray paint and spray plastic is the same.

● The pre-treatment cost of plastic spraying is low and faster than plastic spraying.

● Plastic spraying must be baked at high temperature.

Plastic, wood, paper, cloth, and leather cannot be baked at high temperatures.

● The delivery of spray painting is fast, even for small batches or special requirements, we can meet customer orders to the maximum extent.

● Compared with spray painting, the surface quality of spray paint is easier to overcome substrate defects and meet customer quality requirements. However, if the surface of spray paint is not handled properly, pitting defects (bubbles) are more likely to occur.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Spray Painting and Plastic Spraying

Spray painting: the color effect will be better, the paint film thickness is relatively thin, suitable for some precision products, and the cost will be higher;

Plastic spraying: better in terms of wear resistance and corrosion resistance, the paint film is relatively thick, suitable for relatively thick products such as cabinets and equipment, the cost is low, and the plastic powder can be recycled
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